“Yes I drink Alcohol but at least I don’t drink blood!”

–Zulfikar Ali Bhutto at a political rally – 1975.

The picture shows the construction of the first distillery of the Murree Brewrey Company Limited in 1860 in the hills of Ghora Gali. Built and owned by the family of Edward Dyer to cater to the demands of British officers in the area the company soon expanded to open distilleries in Quetta and Rawalpindi. The lack of competitors however is not due to the overwhelming Muslim population of Pakistan; after independence, the ownership of Muree Brewery shifted to Pakistani hands and the company continued to expand its operation, add new products and tapped new markets. Ironically, it was Zulfikar ali Bhutto - who was often attacked by religious parties for consuming alcohol - that spelled the death to this economy. After the ban, companies could not make enough revenue by just selling to non-Muslims and tourists and most shut down and the biggest company, Muree Brewery, had to significantly cut down operations.