It was all about cricket last year during the World Cup. I am among those who are crazy about cricket. As such, we select our favourite TV channels and we stuck to those for the World Cup matches. While I was searching for match viewing options, I came across the ‘PTCL SmartTV Mobile App’ which claimed that it would be streaming ads-free Cricket World Cup matches. I took a chance to use it and it was fabulous. Not only did I have access to an ad-free stream to live cricket matches, I had them available right on my mobile phone. For a moment I was not quite sure if it was PTCL that had developed this app because one used to think of PTCL just as a national telephone company. Using the app during the World Cup was a very good experience and it became our household favourite.

Recently I saw a news report about the Smart TV app’s nomination at a world mobile event and I was like ‘WOW!’. It was really good to see that a Pakistani app was of such a high standard that it was competing with apps developed in more advanced countries but also that it had managed to win a place in the nominations at the world event. It would compete for a prestigious award which would not be less than an OSCAR for Pakistan. I just wish that more Pakistani apps are nominated and win such awards. This will definitely be a great encouragement for the local mobile and software industry.


Islamabad, February 7.