By Farzeen Amin

Once upon an Eid a big bull and a brown fat goat were sitting together in a back yard of a house. There was plenty of food to eat and fresh water to drink. They have been enjoying the luxurious life here since a fortnight. They were mostly surrounded by little kids. They loved the company of them. At early morning goat woke up and saw that bull is already awake.

Goat: Hey big bro. Why are you up so early?

Bull: (Chewing the grass) yum yum yum it’s a beautiful morning.

Goat: Oh yeah! It is. I wish we live here forever.

Bull: (Sarcastically) Sure we will

Goat: Why are you acting so weird? Don’t you remember that stinky dirty farm we used to live in yuck! I don’t even want to think about it.

Bull: Pal home is home no matter how stinky and dirty it is.

Goat: Well this is our home now big B. I so love it.

Bull: Did you say home? Yeah not for long!

Goat: Wait why what do you mean. I didn’t get it. Big B see they love us, they play with us they provide us food, a warm place to spend night.

Bull: Ummm! You are a stupid little goat. Everything happens for a reason.

Goat: Bro, I guess you have lost it. Never seen such life so I guess you could not handle it. We need to see a doc. For you

Bull: Hey goat, tell me where is the short white sheep now?                         

Goat: I don’t know. He is gone, he flee away last night.

Bull: Haha! Enjoy this beautiful morning, who knows if we will get to see such morning or not.

Goat: Emmmm! Whatever let me enjoy my life here. From day one I knew that you are really negative.

 (Bull and goat kept talking and night went dark so they decided to sleep)

Goat: See you tomorrow have sweetest, shiniest dreams bull

 Bull: Good night little pal. Enjoy this night

 (Bull kept sleeping till late in the morning. When he woke up goat was not in the back yard)

Bull: With a smiling face he said to himself. I told you friend but its better where you have reached. See you soon and happy meat Eid.

Published in Young Nation on 19 Sep, 2015