ISLAMABAD: A report published by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) revealed that inflation rate swelled by 4.22 percent in February-2017 in ongoing fiscal year when compared with same period of previous fiscal year.

On a month-on-month basis, prices rose by 0.28 percent in February, the bureau said.

Chief Statistical Officer Asif Bajwa has briefed media personnel that PBS collected based on monthly retail price and wholesale price of Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Bajwa narrated wholesale price index swelled by 4.2 percent in February-2017 whereas during same period whereas sensitive indicators of price were slashed by 0.2 percent.

Core inflation, measured by excluding the volatile food and energy prices, remained at 5.3 percent in Feb-2017, up 0.2 percent from the preceding month. During same month in previous fiscal year it was recorded at 4.5 percent.

Price of main food products swelled as follow: tomatoes 28.98 percent, chicken 7.91 percent, onion 6.31 percent, rice 3.53 percent, fresh fruit 2.62 percent, and tea 1.4 percent. Likewise, price of some food products sharply.