MIRPUR (AJK) - The government said that it would soon provide soft loans for the youth to establish businesses so as to decrease unemployment in Azad Kashmir.

Minister for Youth, Sports and Culture Chaudhry Saeed expressed these views during his meeting with a 15-member delegation of youth in Muzaffarabad. Ch Saeed claimed that he will soon establish a task force consisting of young people who will facilitate the government in policy making and flourishing sports and cultural activities in the region.

Earlier, the delegation visited the AJK Assembly where its members were addressed by Speaker Shah Ghulam Qadir; Deputy Speaker Sardar Farooq Tahir; Minister for Law Raja Nisar; Minister for Education Iftikhar Gillani; Chaudhry Muhammad Saeed; Hafiz Ahmed Raza Qadri; Dr Mustafa Bashir Abbasi and Asad Ali Shah.

The speaker said that since the youth have to take the charge of nation in future, it is highly important for them to take an active part in politics and interest in the matters of governance. He advised the youth not to focus only on the accountability of the rulers and politicians, but also on giving them suggestions for development. He appreciated their desire to witness the functioning of the Assembly and suggested that all the young people be trained in the political matters.

Ch Latif Akbar, the senior leader of the Pakistan People’s Party, said that without an active interest of the young people in national issues, the country can never move forward. He claimed that the present leadership of the People’s Party consists of young people. He further stressed that it is impossible to eradicate dynastic politics from AJK without the revival of the local government system and the student unions.

Assembly members Sardar Sagheer Khan, Mr. Ahmed Raza Qadri and Dr Bashir Abbasi; Additional Chief Secretary Asif Hussain Shah and Secretary to the Government Zafar Nabi Butt also addressed the delegation. Asif Shah reaffirmed that there can be no concept of good governance without the local bodies elections.

He further stated that CPEC will play an important role in the economic independence of AJK as well as in establishing strong connection among its districts. He opined that the young people also focus on equipping themselves with technical education besides getting the traditional education.