Natural gas is one of the most precious resources Pakistan has. It is an environmental friendly fuel which has consumption in all sectors of the economy which is constantly on the rise. Natural gas, whilst being very highly consumed, is also the cheapest fossil fuel. The monthly gas bills are lowest when compared to other utilities. Still, many consumers resort to gas theft by directly tapping the gas companies’ supply lines, instead of paying bills on time or even paying them at all. It is hardly surprising that like electricity and gas theft has increased manifold more so since the Government has imposed a moratorium on new connections. The result is the rising trend of line losses in these gas utilities.

These losses translate into heavy penalties imposed by OGRA on the Sui companies that directly impact their financial bottom line. The gas companies have been appealing for a more realistic benchmark yet OGRA has not been paying much attention to these pleas. To keep them floating, the regulator need to show more empathy towards their problems, not take them further into abyss. After all, if we don’t have gas, with LNG still an expensive proposition, we will have little to choose from for our consumption needs.


Karachi, February 17.