LAHORE  -  The University of Lahore has established country’s first certified Tier-III Data Centre to adopt technological advancements for ensuring innovation and technology at its educational infrastructure. This data centre will provide practical exposure to the university students to understand future trends.

The data centre was inaugurated at a ceremony attended by MA Raoof, Patron, University of Lahore, Awais Raoof, Chairman, University of Lahore, Javid Wadood, Country Head EPI, Mahmood Jabbar, Chief Executive Officer, Tech Access Pakistan, Munib Kh, Country Head, Schneider Pakistan and other senior officials of IT industry and academia.

More than 11 labs of the University, 32 departments, 30,000 students, 4,000 faculty members will get an access to host virtual desktop infrastructure including student life cycle and campus management facilities.

In addition, University of Lahore has decided to offer these data services to other academic and commercial organizations to ensure real-time technological advancements in the country.

The University of Lahore selected Schneider Electric as its technology partner and TechAccess Pakistan as a reliable integrator to successfully execute this future-centric project.