LAHORE -  Former Supreme Court Bar president and rights activist Asma Jahangir has expressed concern regarding the future of people living in Fata.

In a press statement issued on Thursday, she said that the government’s discussion on Fata has only added to the misery of those living in tribal areas as their political fate has been hanging in the air ever since independence. Political parties should take a decision in consultation with the people living in Fata, she suggested.

Asma stated that this important step will bring the people of Fata in the mainstream and their fundamental rights can be protected. So far they are deprived of basic political, economic and social rights guaranteed to other citizens of Pakistan, she added.

"Surely no political party opposes granting the people of Fata their rights. This can be the immediate first step in addressing the multiple disadvantages Fata citizens suffer on a daily basis," said Asma.