A rights body Tuesday released fresh findings into alleged human rights violation by intelligence and law enforcement agencies in Gilgit Baltistan , reported BBC Urdu.

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan in its latest report on Gilgit Baltistan demanded the government to bar security agencies from allegedly exploiting anti-terrorism laws against youths and political activists.

Former HRCP chief Asma Jahangir, who released the findings of the report in Islamabad, asked the federal government to empower democratic forums of Gilgit Baltistan , appoint judges from among the locals, and address the issues of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

“Security agencies have been given powers under the National Action Plan to keep people in check. Anyone who criticises even a little is apprehended under the Anti-Terrorism Act,” she added.

According to the report, hundreds of youths and political activists have allegedly been put behind bars under the act. HRCP also called for keeping in check powers given to security agencies.