LAHORE - The Lahore High Court yesterday allowed petitions filed by women seeking their appointment as corporals with Counter Terrorism Department who had earlier been selected on merit.

The Court also directed the department to issue appointment notification for the petitioners.

Urooj Hayat and 200 other women had moved petitions through their counsels submitting that CTD advertised 1500 posts of corporals in 2013. He argued that no special quota was allocated for women at the time advertisement and all the petitioners applied for the posts on open merit and were selected.

However, the department later announced five per cent quota for women and appointed 75 female successful candidates, he said. He stated that the CTD ignored the petitioners selected on open merit and issued quota later.

By doing so, the counsel said, the CTD had committed discrimination with women who despite being selected on merit were denied appointment. He prayed that CTD be ordered to appoint those women who were selected on merit.

LHC concerned over

non-implementation of police order

The Lahore High Court chief justice Thursday observed that failure to constitute District Public Safety Commission (DPSC) overburdened courts with petitions against police, especially with the applications under Section 22-A &B of CrPC.

The CJ expressed serious concerns over non-implementation of Police Order 2002, with direction to Advocate General Punjab to look into the matter.

During the proceedings, the CJ remarked that appointments of IGPs and CCPOs should be done through the relevant public safety commission but these commissions had not been duly constituted. The CJ issued notices to the provincial and federal government and appointed Advocate Asma Jahangir as amicus curiae in the petition.

Muhammad Abdul Razzaq and Advocate Aitzaz Aslam Chaudhary had filed the petition through counsel Advocate Saad Rasool against non-implementation of certain provisions of Police Order, 2002, including the provisions concerning the appointments of IGPs and CCPOs.

Advocate Saad Rasool argued that appointments of IGPs and CCPOs should be made upon the recommendations of the duly constituted and functional National Public Safety Commission. He said unfortunately, these commissions had not been constituted since the promulgation of the police order in 2002. 

The counsel prayed that authorities concerned be directed to enforce police order 2002 with letter and spirit. The further hearing adjourned until March 30.