Chairman National Council of Social Welfare (NCSW), Dr Nadeem Shafiq Malik said Thursday said that the entire nation is united to curb the menace of terrorism.

He said this during a seminar on ‘The Menace of Terrorism in Pakistan and our Social Responsibilities’  organised for the public awareness on the special direction of Minister of State CADD, Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudry. The Chairman National Council of Social Welfare chaired the seminar while Ashraf Zubair Sidique, Director General Legal NACTA, was the chief guest. Representatives of NGOs, civil society, students and officials of CADD attended the seminar.

In his presidential address, Dr Nadeem Shafiq Malik, said that Pakistan has been facing the menace of terrorism for many decades. Their facilitators, being hidden in the country, are more dangerous than the external enemies.

“Only internal unity and fighting with the determination against terrorists will make them dysfunctional. The sacrifices of our martyrs in the war against terrorism will not go in vain,” he said. He added, “The terrorist and their facilitators are being chased by our brave security forces taking firm action against them. Like operation Zarb-e-Azb, operation RadulFasad will also be successful against terrorists.”

The present government has made strong policy against terrorism as well as enhancing economic growth i.e. the CPEC, ECO from which enemies of Pakistan are frightened. “As responsible citizens, it is our social responsibility that we should inform the security agencies, for noticing any suspicious person or activity and must unveil them.” Besides other speaker, Ashraf Zubair Sidique, Director General Legal NACTA, and Akmal Rana, representative of Digital and Campaign Manager, Pakistan Peace Collective, Islamabad, said in their lectures that the civil and military agencies, with the help of public, are crushing the terrorist. And operation Radul Fasad will prove final nail in the coffin of terrorists.