ISLAMABAD -  Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Thursday stressed the need for a close coordination between the civil and military leadership to handle issues concerning the national interest.

The interior minister said this while addressing senior military officers of the National Defence University in Islamabad.

“Better civil-military relations in Pakistan are always an eye sore for our foes as well as those masquerading as our friends. The enemies of Pakistan always want to see cleavage in this relation for their ulterior ends,” a statement issued by the interior ministry said while quoting Nisar.

“Better civil-military relations as of today are in the interest of Pakistan and delivering desired results," said the minister.

Discussing internal security policy of the country, the minister said that security had now become a multi-pronged, multi-dimensional and multi-faceted issue.

He said that now Pakistan was faced with many challenges that required joint efforts by all organs of the state to overcome such issues. “However, it must also be realised that the security situation in the country is manifestly better than it was prevailing in 2013.”

He said that “today’s improved law and order situation is the result of our joint efforts and every institution of the state has contributed to this improvement”. He said that the enemy had been weakened not completely eliminated. “There is now an unholy alliance between our internal and external enemies which is blatant in its substance.”

Responding to an observation of one of the participants about the situation in Afghanistan and the reports of another military intervention by the US under the Trump government, the interior minister said that massive military intervention in Afghanistan with over 150,000 men on the ground could not bring peace in the war-torn country. “How can one expect that more of the same will bring about any improvement in the security situation of Afghanistan?”