Kandhkot - Orphanages not only provide accommodation to the parentless, but also serve as the centres where the latter are groomed and educated and thus made useful and responsible citizens of the country.

But unfortunately, the dearth of such centres in our country usually leave the orphans at the mercy of their close relatives who, mostly, consider them as a burden. Because of being preoccupied with earning livelihood in the absence of their parents, these poor souls are left with little time to study and play.

Unfortunately, the government policies also do not cater to their needs, which create a sense of deprivation among them, especiall poor orphans who don't have any other option but to work at a young age for their bellies. Although few organisations exist such as SOS villages and some welfare trusts but most of these are limited to the urban areas whereas the rular orphans are deprived of such support or protection. Not only that the government is blind to the plight of these parentless children, people, in general, despite having sympathies with orphans seldom come forward and educating them.  Although hefty amounts are allocated for the relief and welfare departments, there is no any proper mechanism or policy to establish orphanages or introduce orphan support programmes so that the orphans could also lead a normal life and do not depend on charitable trusts or organisations.

It is need of the hour to set up orphan homes at district level for the purpose of collecting data about orphan children and supporting them in getting education and fulfiling other pursuits.