Twitter users in Pakistan lambasted “vulgar”, “truth hider” and “paid” media in a top trend #فساد_کی_جڑ (Fasaad ki Jar – root of evil) on the social media site today.

In the fresh trend users accused the media of hiding the truth, manipulating minds of common citizens and telecasting vulgar content, which is “against Pakistani culture and traditions”.

Some Twitterati are of the view that Pakistani media is showing “western culture” which is polluting the minds of youth.

Some are of the view that media is “national enemy” of Pakistani citizens as it has stopped them from ‘thinking’.

Most of the users, however, are against the morning shows because they are hub of ‘vulgarity’ hence should be banned.

The Indian content on Pakistani channels was also target of critique, with users dubbing it “against our national interest”.

#فساد_کی_جڑ is the top trend in Pakistan right now.

Some, however, have called political leadership, clerics, opposition parties and Taliban, ‘Fasaad Ki Jar’.

The trend comes in the aftermath of Pakistan Army launching its latest Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad, to weed out terrorism in the country.