Islamabad - An official of the Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) has been found guilty of preparing a fake admission letter while forging with documents sent by General Headquarters (GHQ) for admissions on seats reserved for the army, an official said on Thursday.

According to information available with The Nation, QAU Deputy Registrar (Admissions) Humayun Khan, in 2015, tampered with the GHQ letter and replaced the name of the student mentioned in original list.

One seat in each department of the QAU has been reserved for the children of army officers. The specific irregularity was made in 2015 in the undergraduate fall semester programme of BS Computer Science.

An official informed The Nation that the GHQ traced the irregularity made by the official and asked to conduct an inquire into the matter in November 2015.

The university formed a three-member committee in February 2016, which in the mid of the previous year, presented its report to Vice Chancellor Javed Ashraf.

The inquiry committee found the official guilty of forging with the documents and proposed a penalty against the official for intentionally holding and giving extra favour to ineligible candidate on the reserved quota.

The committee in its inquiry found that a letter, dated 27 October 2015, was sent by GHQ and university received it on 30th of October 2015. The letter containing a list of 12 candidates against the reserved seats for children of army officers had nominated ‘KN’ for a reserved seat in the Department of Computer Science (BS-CS).

Later, on November 6 2015, the registrar office received another letter from GHQ, in which it requested the university to cancel the admission of ‘KN’ and replaced it with the name of ‘SA’ in the same academic discipline.

The GHQ replaced the initially nominated name with a letter because the first one was declared ineligible due to non-submission of an admission form by the university admission section.

However, Humayun Khan kept the letter of admission of ‘SA’ in his safekeeping for around one week and didn’t forward it to the admission committee.

Meanwhile, on November 17, 2015, the registrar office received a third letter from GHQ nominating ‘BK’ against a reserved seat in the department of Computer Science.  The letter requested the cancellation of ‘KN’.

The inquiry committee also found that the date of registration and receiving of the third letter was same i.e. November 17, 2015.

The committee also found that ‘BK’ though had submitted the admission form in fall 2015 against regular and self-finance seats in BS programs of LLB, International Relations and Political Science but not in the Computer Science.

On the same date, November 17, 2015, the registrar office received fourth letter nominating ‘BK’ for the programme, which the committee found copy of the original GHQ letter, dated November 04, 2015. The accused official also wrote a note requesting the VC through Chairman Admission Committee for approval of the admission of ‘BK’.

The committee during the inquiry also found a notification in favour of ‘BK’ which was allegedly prepared and signed by Hamyun Khan on November 19, 2015. The official also retained the admission form of ‘BK’ in his custody and did not return to admission office.

The committee questioned Humayun Khan for preparing the admission case of ‘BK’, repeatedly attempts to get signature of Chairman Admission Committee and why he prepared and signed admission notification even before formal approval of the competent authority.

Later, on November 25, 2015, the VC received a complaint from the GHQ pertaining to admission of ‘BK’ on fake documents against a reserved seat for children of army officers.

The letter from GHQ stated that a fake letter was prepared by scanning certain portion of a GHQ original letter, adding that the authority did not issued any such letter in favour of ‘BK’ for admission in undergraduate program.

The inquiry committee in its report concluded that the charges sanctioned on Deputy Registrar Humayun Khan were established.

The committee found Humayun Khan involved in preparation of fake letter in name of ‘BK’ by scanning certain portion of GHQ original letter for his admission in BS Computer Science.

Inquiry committee also said that the official responsible ignored a nomination letter from GHQ in favour of ‘SA’ to facilitate admission of ‘BK’ on a fake nomination letter.

According to committee conclusions, Humayun Khan in order to process illegal admission of ‘BK’ on fake nomination letter, used and bypassed normal procedure of such admissions and prepared and signed a note requesting the VC through admission committee chairman for approval and also prepared and signed a notification of admission of ‘BK’ prior to approval of the competent authority. The committee prepared its report after finalizing it in the month of June last year and recommended punishment for the accused.

However, he has been given another important designation in the university administration, the official said.

The Nation contacted Humayun Khan and VC Javed Ashraf repeatedly for their version and left text messages but they didn’t reply.