Islamabad - World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) and PMDC on Thursday decided to mend ways for the cooperation between entities for improvement of medical education.

A delegation of WFME visited Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC). Prof Dr David Gordon, President WFME headed the delegation.  The members of the delegation included Prof Dr Ara Tekian, Prof Dr Janet Grant, PMDC President Prof Dr Shabir Lehri along with its Council members and PMDC staff welcomed the delegation. PMDC officials informed the delegation that currently there are 51 medical colleges in the public sector and 93 in the private sector with a total of 144 medical and dental colleges.

The delegates along with the members of the council of PMDC deliberated and discussed the ways and means to improve the mutual working relations between the two organizations and agreed upon to meet in future for further cooperation.

WFME president said that they would help PMDC to obtain WFME recognition. The delegates requested PMDC to support in maintaining accurate and complete information on the medical schools of Pakistan in the Directory of world medical schools for the advancement of the International Medical Education and Research.

He explained that the WFME has not made it mandatory for the medical schools to adopt the integrated modular medical curriculum for the medical schools, any medical curriculum approved by the respective regulatory body can be adopted by the medical schools.

However, WFME has devised criteria of recognition of accrediting bodies and up till now six accredited bodies have been recognized which may extend to 15 by the end of this year.

He further explained that after 2023 the USMLE has decided to allow the graduates of only those medical schools who have been accredited by the regulatory bodies recognized by WFME.