islamabad - The Balochi traditional dishes are gaining popularity in the twin cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad with a number of restaurants increasing in and around the capital city.

Balochi Sajji is all weather and the most popular food and a significant number of residents visit it with their families especially on weekends to enjoy the desi cuisine.

Khalid Lehri, a Baluchistan-based cook at the Quetta Hotel in Karachi Company told that after Sajji, Rosh is a Balochi dish that attracts most visitors to their restaurants here. “It is a big chunk of meat, cooked under pressure in animal fat for several hours with secret ingredients and spices; mostly salt and black pepper,” he informed.

A visitor Mohsin at G/11 Sadabahar Quetta Hotel told that he often comes here to enjoy Khadi Kebaba, a popular Balochi dish prepared with meat and cooked in fats.

The dish is prepared in an underground covered hole where it is kept for hours to ensure its taste and tenderness.

The owner of New Quetta hotel at Rawalpindi, Sadiq Khan who has mastered preparing another popular dish Dam Pukhtak said it is a whole lamb roast in which the animal is gutted and stuffed with rice, dry fruits and spices. 

Abu Zar, an owner of a Quetta traditional hotel at F-11 introducing a rare Quetta traditional dish Laandhi, said this unique dish is got after preserving seasoned meat for over 5-6 months to get it dried itself out, then it gets ready to be cooked with anything. “Its crispness is so unique, visitors once tastes he returns to demand it again.

Another food lover from Quetta Sami Khan naming a unique dish Sarai karray told that a whole animal like goat and lamb’s extra fats and meat is chopped into small pieces and kept on low fire. “Only salt is added to the dish but its taste is indescribable,” he added.  

A visitor Azmat at the same hotel was highly appreciative of these Balochi culinary saying: “Majority of the dishes are without spicy ingredients causing no harm to abdomens and give pure taste.”