TOBA TEK SINGH-Repeated increase in the prices of petroleum products has been condemned by different political leaders with demand of immediate withdrawal of the recent hike.

Former PPP minister Begum Neelum Jabbar Ch described it a gift of the government to the workers and poor people at the end of its five-year tenure. She said that the increase had proved complete financial mismanagement on the part of the present regime, which had broken the backbone of the common man. The people are already groaning under unemployment, poverty and price hike, she said.

PTI Central VP Ch Ashfaq said it seemed that the government wanted to suck even the last drop of blood of the poor. He said farmers were already facing great loss in the agriculture due to hike in the prices of inputs and current raise in diesel will result in forcing them to do some other work abandoning the cultivation. He said it would be impossible for them to purchase diesel at so high price for their tractors and tube-wells.

Irrigation employees power union leader Allah Bakhsh Sial termed the increase in oil prices a cruel joke with the poor. He said it would cause further raise in the prices of essential commodities, disturbing the already constrained budget of poor labourers and salaried class people. Awami workers party district president Ch Zubair demanded withdrawal of the raise in the petroleum products' prices.