A medical student in Quetta studying at the Bolan University of Medical & Health Sciences committed suicide reportedly due to mental stress and depression after he failed exams.

Yousaf Pirkani, a third-year student at the medical college, was allegedly suffering from anxiety as he failed to clear the supplementary exams.

The medical profession is considered the most prestigious, noble and respected in the whole universe. Not only by the worthiness of its name but moreover choosing it as a career gives a sense of responsibility and feeling of serving humanity in the time of need.

No doubt, it is considered one of the most robust profession in terms of study, duration, dedication and terminology. All parents want their children to choose this field and make them proud. It is a doctor who treats the patients irrespective of their regions, sects, genders, colours and nationalities.

However, it is the bright side of the picture, while the other side of it looks very dark and alarming. As committing suicide amongst the doctors seems to be on the rise where cases of suicide taking place frequently in the country. The pity is that doctors are attempting and completing suicide more than the general population in which females doctors are more vulnerable.

Research conducted by Deepika Tanveer, MD, of the psychiatric programme at Harlem Hospital centre in New York on May 8, 2018, said one doctor commits suicide in the US every day which is the highest rate in any profession. And the number of doctors suicide 28 to 40 per 100000 is more than twice that of the general population.

It is a common belief that life in educational institutions is hectic and stressful. There is also pressure from parents who want their children to achieve big and better. The education authorities must take notice of this grave situation. All education institutions must have a trained and experienced counsellor with whom students can discuss their problems. Teachers should also make an effort to encourage students to ask for help whenever needed.


Turbat, February 11.