Polio is one of the most threatening diseases in the world, and may make an individual an amputee for his or her entire life. Today, every country is keen to eradicate the polio virus. Pakistan is also striving to be a polio-free country. Therefore, in Pakistan almost every sector of Government, departments are working hard to help polio workers who are giving polio drops door to door. In this helpful mission, Pak Army, Police, FC, Rangers and other military forces are also involved to save Pakistani children from the virus.

Last year, the number of reported polio cases reached increased to 10 after the confirmation of two more cases in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. One the other side, according to officials of Nation Emergency Operation Centers (NEOC) working for eradication of polio, both cases emerged as parents had refused to immunize their children. Pakistani government has set its target to eradicate Polio virus from the country in 2019, which is only possible if all citizens of Pakistan will realize their responsibility, and parents cooperate with polio workers.


Turbat, February 5.