The Syrian military forces repelled the second in 24 hours massive terrorist attack targeting their positions — this time in the western province of Latakia, a Syrian military source told Sputnik, specifying that two servicemen were wounded, and several militants were killed in the attack.

Earlier in the day, the Syrian military forces repelled a massive terrorist attack on their positions in the north of the Hama province, which borders Idlib, as well as Latakia does.

"A group of terrorists attacked our positions in the north of the province of Latakia, using mortars, artillery shells, shooters and medium- and heavy-caliber weapons. Our servicemen repelled the attack, having done significant damage to the militants. Several militants were eliminated, while the others ran away, and two of our servicemen were injured," the source told Sputnik, specifying that the attack started at 4:30 p.m. local time (14:30 GMT) and lasted for an hour.