PESHAWAR         -          The 1st Swat Snow Marathon Race will be held at Green Valley in the scenic Malam Jabba tourist resort in Swat district on March 7. The TCKP and the Green Valley are jointly organising the event to promote adventure tourism and sports and attract tourists to the tranquil sites of Swat Valley and elsewhere in the province. Lovers of adventure tourism, snow games and foreign and domestic tourists would participate and attend the marathon race. The marathon race will kick off from the scenic Green Valley point in Malam Jabba and culminate at Rata Sar, where a concluding ceremony will also be held. TCKP MD Junaid Khan said: “For the first time, they are organising such event in the winter season to attract more and more tourists to the beautiful spots of the province and present a soft image of the country to the outer world. Total 500 athletes in three different categories will cover a distance of 21, 10 and 5 km snowy track during the race.”