LAHORE           -            Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator Sirajul Haq has asked Islamabad to play active role in intra-Afghan talks set to start in Norway on March 10. In a statement issued from JI headquarters Mansoora on Monday, he said the responsibilities of Pakistan had further increased now and it was expected that the government would show the same enthusiasm to help the different Afghan groups to bring to the table as it did during the peace talks between Taliban and America. He also urged different Afghan groups to learn lesson from the past, shun mutual violence and made sincere efforts to establish peace in the war torn country. “I appeal the political players in Afghanistan to set aside differences for the sake of Afghan people.

If Afghans could make peace with the US then there must not be any issue for them to sit together.”

He welcomed all initiatives to help improve security conditions in Afghanistan and ensure development of the country. However, he warned the world of spoilers and conspiracies that could derail the peace process in Afghanistan. Enemies of Islam never wanted peace in the region, he added.

Sirajul Haq also expressed anger and concern over the removal of oath regarding finality of the prophet-hood from the Hajj form. Demanding an inquiry into the matter, he said the responsible elements of this heinous act must be exposed and punished. He said some elements in the ranks of the government were bent upon damaging the Islamic identity of the country but their dreams would never be fulfilled. He also demanded the international community shun its silence and take steps to ensure the security and safety of Muslims in India.

Meanwhile, JI Deputy Chief Liaqat Baloch stated that it had been proved that no superpower or imperialist force could defeat a nation with the use of bombs. The international community, he said, must ensure the self respect and sovereignty of every nation if it sincerely wanted peace in the world. He said the puppets of America in Afghanistan had to lick the dust at last and Washington compelled to start direct dialogue with Taliban to get a safe exit from the country. Similarly, he added, the supporters of Modi government in Indian held Kashmir had completely lost their significance and Huriat leaders emerged as the real heroes of the people of the held area.