Lahore          -          For the first time in the history of Lahore Arts Council (LAC), the ‘Women Festival’ is being organized at Alhamra to commemorate and celebrate the International Women’s Day by bringing together a diverse group of women from various fields and walks of life.

The festival, themed as ‘Woman: Ambassador of Peace’ is being organized by Lahore Arts Council in collaboration with Black Box Sounds. The festival is aimed to pay tribute to the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of Pakistani women. This initiative was taken by the first female Chairperson of the Board of Governors, Lahore Arts Council, Moneeza Hashmi.

The purpose of the festival would be to celebrate women’s contribution in Pakistani society, said Ms Hashmi and her contribution in the peace process all over the world. This event will also highlight the contributions of our young women who despite many challenges and hurdles are continuing on this journey with enthusiasm and vigour.

Lahore Arts Council BOG Chairperson Moneeza Hashmi thanked ‘Black Box Sounds’ for their collaboration and said: “Our women are playing a vibrant and active role in the society and need to be acknowledged for their contribution. Ms Hashmi said that undoubtedly, Pakistani women are a symbol of commitment, honesty, bravery, and devotion.

Other than panel discussions and talks sessions, the festival includes a theatrical performance by Azad Theatre and open mic music performances by students of University Societies. Different food and handicraft stalls will also be displayed in the Burney Garden.