ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentary Leader in Senate Sherry Rehman yesterday said the gov­ernment had burnt an­other hole in the pock­ets of the poor citizens of this country with an ex­tortionate increase of up to 106% in petrol levy.

In a statement, she said: “It appears that by reducing petrol pric­es by a negligible Rs5 they were just laying the groundwork for drop­ping the levy bomb that will send prices of sev­eral commodities across the country soaring.”

She added: “Even the Rs5 reduction in petrol prices was inadequate when we see where the global oil prices stand. Globally, oil prices are down by nearly 30%. It is unfortunate that when international pric­es go up the government is quick to shift its im­pact on the people but when they go down, the domestic prices are so disproportionately re­duced”.

Senator Rehman said agriculture, transport and small industries, all will bear the crippling side effects of the levy being imposed in addi­tion to the gas and power tariffs already imposed on them.

She said this was quite clearly a government run by the International Monetary Fund.