Deposed superior courts judges restoration, lawyers movement and threats of long march if the judges are not restored as committed in the Bhurban Declaration by PPP and PML (N) leadership continue to hit the headlines in the print and electronic media left and right. What is being said and published in this regard is more than enough to create not so welcome and pleasant impression that the deposed judges restoration remains the top most priority for the new coalition regime as if all other issues have been resolved one way or the other. Kashmir has been liberated from Indian occupying forces. The multi-purpose Kalabagh Dam is being constructed after much elusive national consensus being evolved at last. There is enough water to go waste into the Arabian Sea below the Kotri Barrage. Federating Units of the Punjab, Sindh, NWFP and Balochistan have evolved consensus regarding formula for distribution of divisible national resources. Extremists, militants and terrorists eliminated altogether from the sacred soil of the motherland. Daily use articles like atta, rice, sugar etc are in abundance and being sold in the open market at throw away prices. There are no black marketeers, no hoarders and no profiteers. Corruption has been eliminated altogether. There is no power load shedding any more. When such an ideal situation prevails, there is no harm in going all out for resolving the deposed judges issue which remains the sole bone of contention under the prevailing circumstances. The new coalition regime of the PPP, PML(N), ANP and JUI(F) stands committed to the restoration of the deposed judges. Only hitch is the timing and how all this is to be done smoothly, more importantly avoiding confrontation of any sorts between different organs of the state. The worthy deposed CJP and the judges of the superior courts have already secured moral victory over the evil forces of dictatorship. The Action Plan for 100 days unveiled by Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani has the judges restoration as one of the top priority item. The new regime has lot of other problems to tackle to provide relief to the people at large. This is to make a very humble request out of sincerity and nothing else that the deposed CJP and the judges and their supporting lawyers community should adopt a more realistic approach in the prevailing circumstances mainly for avoiding any confrontation whatsoever. They have demonstrated lot of patience, courage and tolerance. A little of this is required for resolving the issue amicably by taking into account all pros and cons. Already, a writ petition has been filed in the Islamabad High Court that the judges issue cannot be tabled in the National Assembly. It is also being alleged that conspiracies are being hatched in the Presidency for blocking the restoration of the deposed CJP and the judges one way or the other. The protesting and agitating lawyers and their leaders may not call off their on going countrywide movement. But they can at least suspend the same for sometime. It is apparently very difficult for the new coalition regime to attend to so many problems and issues topped by relief of sorts to the people at large in the rural and urban areas. No doubt, democracy, independent judiciary, freedom of expression are all important but, in fact, feeding the families and making both ends meet in a respectable manner takes precedence over all other matters. All concerned should please keep all this mind, avoid confrontation at any cost and wait a bit more. The deposed CJP and the judges stand restored on the basis of public verdict in their favour. Only, they need practical demonstration of this so that they can start going to the courts. This, too, is also going to happen sooner or later. Better wait. The good times are fast approaching for judiciary as well as other segments of the society.