We presently have a campaign to save Sarabjeet Singh after the bizarre episode of Kashmir Singh - thanks to special efforts made by Ansaar Burni. Not only was Kashmir Singh turned into a hero, escorted as he was by the ex-minister himself, we also had the 'pleasure' of Kashmir Singh telling the media that he had successfully carried out the Indian spy mission in Pakistan. Now we are witnessing a campaign to secure the life of the killer Sarabjeet who has been found guilty of murders and whose appeals have been rejected by the country's highest court. Visas are being issued freely to Indians to come to Pakistan and organise agitation in favour of the murderer. No body talks about Pakistanis killed in Indian jails. No one mentions the recently discovered 1000 graves of 'disappeared' Kashmiris. It is all right for the HR Commission to call for the abolition of death penalty but on no account should this be linked with a particular case of an Indian criminal. Enough is enough. Let the law take its own course. -INAYATULLAH, Islamabad, via e-mail, April 30.