ISLAMABAD - The newly formed committee for restoration of the deposed judges is meeting today (Saturday) in Islamabad to formulate the draft of the resolution and legal package, likely to refurbish the Supreme Court of Pakistan, revealed a source close to the preparations for this maiden session has said. According to Nawaz Sharif, the head of Pakistan Muslim League-N, the five-member committee comprising of top constitutional experts such as Abdul Hafeez Pirzada, Aitzaz Ahsan, Justice (Reted) Fakhruddin G Ibrahim, Raza Rabani and Khawaja Harris. Law Minister, Farook H Naek is the Convener of this committee. One of the members of this committee and top constitutional expert, Justice (Reted) Fakhruddin G Ibrahim, however, is wondering about the scope of this committee. Talking to TheNation on Friday evening, Fakhruddin G Ibrahim said that he has so far failed to understand the composition and capacity of the committee announced by PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif, earlier in the evening. "If the committee is being formed for preparing the resolution that would bring back the sacked judges to their offices, that is already there", the senior jurist, who in fact prepared the said resolution, pointed out. PML-N had forwarded the draft of same resolution to PPP for placing it before the Parliament to restore the deposed judges in accordance with the Murree Accord but the same could not be achieved for reason best known to the ruling coalition of Peoples Democratic Alliance (PDA). When asked whether he had been formally informed about the meeting, Fakhruddin G Ibrahim replied positively. "Mian Shahbaz Sharrif had called me and invited me to come Islamabad to attend the meeting ", Fakhruddin G Ibrahim said. When asked about the suggestion that the committee would talk to stakeholders of the issue before finalizing the draft, Fakhruddin G Ibrahim said it would be improper to talk to a judge for solving the issue. "We can't talk to judges, this is immoral", he added. Meanwhile, President, Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Ch Aitzaz Ahsan is reportedly considering not to sit in the committee, formed for restoration of the deposed judges. Sources close to Aitzaz Ahsan said he was consulting his aides on the question whether to sit in the committee or not. The hesitation for SCBA President either to join the committee or not has surfaced in view of the fact that the lawyers community may not agree to any package which would clip the powers of the deposed Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. Aitzaz, who belongs to Pakistan People's Party (PPP) but his name has been forwarded in committee by PML-N, is also not coming to terms with the idea of talking to stakeholders of judicial crises but wants the solution only through a simple resolution in the Parliament for restoration of deposed judges, source close to him, further revealed.