LAHORE (APP) - Leader of the opposition in the National Assembly Ch Pervaiz Elahi has alleged that the Punjab rulers have so far failed to give any clear-cut policy or package to provide relief to the masses. He was addressing a press conference after a meeting with MPAs and other elected persons of his party belonging to various districts of Punjab here On Friday. PML-Q parliamentary leader in Punjab ch Zaheer, Muhammad Basharat Raja and Arshad Lodhi were also present on the occasion. Ch Pervaiz Elahi said that ML-N got votes from public on the slogans to resolve various problems including energy crises and price-hike but it has failed to fulfil any of its promises. He said the time was being wasted on just one issue such as restoration of judges and criticising President Pervez Musharrf. He alleged that an un-elected man Mian Shahbaz Sharif was  taking decisions without having any lawful authority. The government functionaries were being transferred from one position to another without any reason, he said. Pervaiz Elahi further said that Sharif brothers had been declared ineligible for contesting the elections as one of them is convict while the other is loan defaulter. He alleged that they were working to restore judges to get relief for themselves. He said that PML-Q would give its reaction on the restoration of judges after announcement of Mian Nawaz Sharif regarding his dialogue with Asif Ali Zardari. The opposition leader further alleged that the rulers have launched a full-fledged revenge campaign against the PML-Q people by adopting different methods including registration of false cases. PML-Q will present FIRs of such cases before media so that they could find the truth, he said. The opposition would give tough time to the rulers in the parliament and also go to judiciary to discourage their illegal acts, he added. He said that NRO has been implemented and it should not be amended or changed as PPP and PML-N both are beneficiary of the NRO. He said that Mian brothers have not learnt a lesson from their mistakes in the past.