ISLAMABAD (APP) - Minister for Education Ahsan Iqbal Friday stressed the need for a collaborated educational programme with UNESCO and Government of Pakistan. UNESCO's educational programmes should be studied in detail and benefitted' the Minister directed the officials of Pakistan National Commission for  UNESCO (PNCU). Ahsan Iqbal said this while attending a briefing session given by PNCU here. He directed the PNCU to pile up the facts and figures from the UNESCO's vast resources and present it to the Ministry of Education in a gist form highlighting the actionable items. The Minister also directed PNCU to submit a workable plan on Universal Primary Education in a week. Speaking about the seminars and conferences, he said that most of the time the seminars and conferences produced nothing and the outcome is merely wastage of resources and time. Therefore, PNCU should make use of available funds to initiate new educational projects especially in the rural areas of the country. Ahsan Iqbal said that implementation of the policies is of far importance. He asked the PNCU officials to translate all actionable projects of UNESCO so that the same could be implemented in our country. Ahsan Iqbal directed for collaborated efforts with UNESCO's International Institute of Educational Planning. He said that our planning institute under Ministry of Education should work in collaboration with the said institute of UNESCO. He also directed to streamline the UNESCO'S University Chair Programme as it was observed that the same was not being implemented in letter and spirit. Earlier, the Minister was given a detailed briefing regarding the status and working of PNCU by Director General of PNCU Saqib Aleem. Thg Minister was told that UNESCO, with its head office in Paris, is represented by 193-member states and is governed by a 58-members ExecutiveBoard.