ISLAMABAD - President Pervez Musharraf on Friday reset his cards and firmed up a multi-faceted strategy to counter the imminent restoration of the deposed judges in line with the 12th May roadmap, TheNation has reliably learnt. Sources said that President Pervez Mushharaf had lengthy meetings with important leaders of PML (Q) and advised them to prepare a counter plan to neutralize the PML (N), which is seeking restoration of deposed judges through a resolution. Four important PML (Q) leaders, former Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Jamali, Hamid Nasir Chatta, Makhdoom Failsal Saleh Hayat and Raza Hayat Hiraj, held separate meetings with the President and discussed the situation arising after announcement of 12 May roadmap in Lahore. Sources privy to the developments suggest that the President has advised Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat, parliamentary party leader of the PML(Q) in the National Assembly and Raza Hayat Hiraj to revive their contacts with their mother party PPP and try to solicit maximum support. While Hamid Nasir Chatta and Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali have been requested to talk to other important political entities, both in parliament as well as outside, in soliciting their support to effectively counter the pressure being mounted by PML (N) and other forces, including APDM and lawyers fraternity. Sources said that PML (Q) leaders have assured their total support to the president and apprised him of the options including a resolution in the National Assembly seeking to resolve the issue. TheNation had already reported on the PML (Q) counter plans and its leaders meetings with important PPP ministers and MNAs, ANP and JUI (F). The MQM, a source claimed was already on board. It was further gathered that PML (Q) might eventually decide to back the PPP move, which according to Law and Justice Minister Farooq H Naik, was planning to put the proposed resolution and the constitutional package together. One of the options the President has is to counter the PML(N) move is to seek a stay order from the Supreme Court, a source said, adding the Attorney General had already drafted an application. However, some observers are still optimistic about a positive outcome of these developments rather then those who are expecting another serious deadlock as result of 12 May roadmap. They say that a person like Abdul Hafeez Pirzada, who has been taken as a member of five-member committee set up by the PML (N), would greatly help in facilitating smooth and amicable resolution of the dispute.