This is with reference to an article published in LA Times and reproduced in The Nation of 24.04.2008. The story tells the reader that Indian movies were banned in Pakistan after 1965 Indo-Pak war. Thereafter, with the passage of time, Pakistan film industry reached on the verge of extinction because of poor production. As a result, hundreds of cinemas were closed. Since then, the ban on Indian films has been lifted. So far so good, but one is bewildered to read next about the passions of a person named Mr. Mumtaz who while expressing his views about revival of the Indian films says: "Our culture is the same as Indians, so these are the movies people want to see". He further says "Religion-wise, we are Muslims. Culture-wise we are Hindus". What a nonsensical statement What message does this statement carry? It speaks of the treacherous act of those who wish to corrupt the Pakistani society. These fifth columnists are on to it to poison the young Pakistanis. It is a clear warning for our elders especially the policy makers who should understand behind-the-scene motives of those who wish for the revival of Indian films on our soil. Mr. Mumtaz should learn that we differ from Hindus not only religiously and culturally but in many other ways too. -DR SARFRAZ HUSSAIN MIRZA, Lahore, via e-mail, April 30.