Top PPP leader Sherry Rehman has come a long way in politics; she made her presence felt everywhere. She was a top journalist, then she joined politics launched opposition movement for democracy came closer to Benazir Bhutto so close that she jettisoned once her top associate. Indeed, some eyebrows were raised over her position within the PPP. It is usually hard for professional journalist to achieve real confidence of top leadership. Sherry earned the trust of Benazir Bhutto and she never failed her faith in her. Her first major stint was the post of central secretary information the PPP. It is not easy to run information business in the party of masses, where fidelity and ideology count more than any thing. Sherry has her share of detractors, both male and female that used to gossip around. Some even tried to influence BB she dismissed all and kept her faith in her. True, since she worked as an editor in a monthly journal, she developed close working relationship with some largely conformist journalists while she was not initially terribly familiar with mainstream media guys, who represent broad spectrum. After taking over as information secretary she started working round the clock and shocked her friends and foes alike. As an opposition activist I witnessed her major test of nerve when she faced guns on May12, 2007 on main Shahra-e-Faisal, she proved her guts, refused to be cowed down by coward armed thugs. She had a narrow escape as bullets zoomed through her vehicle. Sherry proved 'sherny' (lioness) that day while many leaders of workers were running desperately for cover, she stood her ground challenged those who were after democracy caravan. Skinny and wiry leader proved that day; she is in fact a live wire. She was. This is customary of the PPP to castigate those who earned confidence of top leadership; Sherry did that admirably, quickly she was nearly closest to largely difficult Benazir Bhutto. As a reporter who covered BB for more than two decades, I witnessed an array of people close to BB including Salma Wheed, Firoza Panthaky, Lalay Gulzar and others. There was no Naheed Khan then. Benazir Bhutto used to do every thing herself she used to walk fast leaving others trailing behind her, struggling to keep pace. That was the time of dreaded Ziaul Haq. Benazir, then Pinky, her friends were her political advisors, she was alone. They with the permission of authorities used to celebrate her birthday. After Benazir Bhutto went into exile she met Naheed Khan she became part and parcel of PPP chairperson's life. That relationship perhaps received some jolts when immaculately dressed, well mannered and well-spoken Sherry Rehman emerged on the PPP scene. Some columnists lamented that Sherry replaced Naheed Khan; that was utterly wrong. Sherry is Sherry NK is NK there is no need of any comparison. But Sherry was more seen with Benazir Bhutto during her foreign engagements. On one hand she was struggling for return of democracy in Pakistan while on other she was proving close confidant of BB abroad. Those who knew Mohtarma could understand how demanding she was in matter of politics since Mohtrama was a firm believer in accuracy and in authenticity, there was no room for any laxity by anyone in her career. Politics was a passion for her she would allow no nonsense from anybody her close fellows tended to be extra careful in their manners and rhetoric. Sherry Rehman cultivated close liaison with reporters and editors, some were friendly while others were totally strangers to her; not her fault though. It is normally not easy to satisfy large army of both print and electronic media. When Benazir Bhutto returned to her fateful journey to Pakistan Sherry was with her all along. Both had a narrow escape when BB's procession was attacked on the midnight of October 18 2007. The very next day, Sherry was making arrangement for BB's press conference at Bilawal House. During BB's last 70 day in Pakistan, Sherry seldom left her alone she was every where with her. One night anxious city media persons staged a token walk out at Bilawal House. To reason with agitating media, Benazir Bhutto risked her own life as she suddenly emerged from the main gate of BH and pacified unusually angry reporters and cameramen and camerawomen. That was Bhutto in Benazir that forced her to take risk in her lifetime. When Benazir Bhutto was on her fateful last journey to dreaded Rawalpindi, Sherry accompanied her after her radically historic speech. The last political Bhutto died in her vehicle. Sherry like others devastated. ' I have not cleaned Mohtarma' s blood that was strewn in my vehicle. I will never allow it.' Sherry herself was injured in the blast that took the life of BB. In the post BB scenario, the PPP under the leadership of Asif Ali Zardari launched its democratic drive. Sherry Rehman proved her worth once again. She proved an asset for the party. The PPP rewarded her well with the ministry of information; it is a difficult task to manage media relations with too demanding guys. Sherry has started her innings on a promising note; she is accepting the challenge with chin high like her late leader and mentor Mohtarma. SR has so far tackled thorny political issues admirably including those of judges' issue, article 58 (2) B and current and future relationship with PML-N, MQM and others. Sherry Rehman is true daughter of Sindh she know show to swim against the tides; she is doing it well by any standards. Indeed, the situation the PPP inherited is precarious and unpredictable. One thing is predictable though, Asif Ali Zardari is a firm believer in 'never say die' his close partners understand it. There is no major distance between government benches and the opposition benches in this country. AAZ is prepared to face any eventuality; he has inherited this from her courageous wife Benazir Bhutto. Indeed the way the PPP leaders are working hard and burning midnight oil, Benazir Bhutto in her grave at Garhi Khuda Bux perhaps will not be unhappy. The party has no charisma of her right now but it has her legacy that will lead the PPP in its fourth stint in power. PPP's opponents largely laid the wicket the party is playing on, detractors are busy stabbing in the back but the party is not failing the masses during its brief stint so far. From a brave politician to courageous minister Sherry Rehman has achieved her marks well. She deserves real credit for her bravery. Her presence in largely coward and treacherous politics is welcome. The Pakistani politics and the Press are going through a precarious phase and Sherry Rehman is doing her job admirably so far. Indeed her task is uphill by any standards she could perhaps prove more effective than talkative Sheikh Rashid, Mushahid Hussain, Khalid Kharal and even Jawed Jabbar. This is her chance to prove her self as incharge of a difficult ministry; she has proved her worth as mainstream journalist. Information Ministry, all agree is a different ball game.