Sindh government recently took some laudable steps like doing away with OPS culture and deputation system in the civil service. These steps undoubtedly shall lead to realisation of the cherished dream of good governance. But it has also made the strange decision of making the Sindh Public Service Commission virtually defunct by withdrawing all requisitions for various posts sent to SPSC. This is fourth time that Mukhtiarkar examination has been postponed in the last six years. Moreover, the recently advertised combined competitive examination has been also cancelled due to an ill-advised move of the Sindh government. In Federal Public Service Commission last year, 59 seats of Sindh went vacant, apparently due to declining standard of education and dwindling spirit of competition among the aspirants from Sindh. In fact it is due to paucity of the opportunities of competitive examinations in Sindh. In other provinces, the periodic competitive examinations and keeping public Service Commission above party politics is providing an alternative way, for hardworking candidates, to get the fruits of their labour. Unfortunately in Sindh, an independent Public Service Commission has remained a bone of contention. If present government had any reservations about the structure of SPSC, it should have restructured by appointing impartial and honest officials as chairman and members. But taking back posts and trying to keep those out of the purview of SPSC and distributing among MPAs and MNAs as was done in 1996 is sheer injustice with the hardworking and competent candidates.-LALA ALI AKBAR SETHAR, Karachi, via e-mail, May 1.