This is with reference to the article "US, Islam and future of the world" written by Sada Cumber, the US Special Envoy to the OIC (The Nation April 27). This American-Muslim has brought a message to the OIC that more than 5 million American-Muslims are enjoying tremendous freedom and opportunity available to them in the US. They can practice their faith without any inhibitions and constraints in more than 1200 mosques and other places of worship. The Americal Muslim experience, rooted in principles of respect, freedom of religion and equality by law, is a great model for Muslim and other faith communities around the world. Most of the Muslim world is sunk in the quagmire of poverty and now beset by international terrorism. OIC, the only international organization of Muslims which represents 57 independent Islamic states and 1.4 billion Muslim population, is dysfunctional and is not in a position to achieve its goals for which it was brought into existence 39 years since. Having bade farewell to all our political, cultural, ideological and sectarian differences, we the Muslim leaders of today have to adopt a united stance to re-invigorate the platform of OIC for the resolution of all our problems. We need to establish a society based on true Islamic values. -SHAIKH ABDUL RASHEED, Shikarpur, via e-mail, May 1.