LAHORE - Justice (Retd) Aftab Farrukh has asked the PCB lawyer Tafazzal Hussain Rizvi to provide him with the details of the correspondence between the PCB and the Indian Premier League organizers. Reports suggested that after the interim decision into the Shoaib Akhtar appeal, the Appellate Tribunal wanted to know what progress has been made in the bowler's participation in the IPL. The PCB lawyer has informed that the details have been provided. Justice Farrukh called Rizvi at his office and asked for the details of the correspondence between the PCB and the IPL. Justice Farrukh said that as the appeal of Akhtar is still in process of hearing, there have been several issues that came to the fore after the interim decision of the tribunal. "We want to know that whether the issues meant to influence the hearing. The PCB lawyers informed that all the particular information related to the talks between the PCB and the IPL have been given to the tribunal chief and the board would always be ready to provide what ever the tribunal would require. "We cannot even think of influencing or interfering in the matters of the tribunal hearing," said the PCB lawyer. On the other hand, Akhtar's lawyer, Abid Minto said that they would decide the future course after having final say from the IPL organizers and if they refused to take Akhtar then he would ask the tribunal to resume the hearing. Last month the Appellate Tribunal deferred the Akhtar appeal till June and upheld the disciplinary committee decision of five years ban which also read that Akhtar would not be allowed to play in Pakistan and would also not be considered for selection in the national team but he is free to play outside Pakistan. Had Akhtar not facing action for his antics he would have been playing for the Kolkata Knight Riders, who have bought the bowler in auction for $425,000.