ISLAMABAD- The Special US envoy to Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Sada Cumber, inaugurated a photo exhibition on "Building Islam in Detroit" at PNCA here on Friday. The US Embassy organised a photo exhibition that showed that the mosques are not only buildings but they are also communities in Detroit's, where Muslims who are in minority Population, have become alternative social worlds and can make and remark themselves as Muslim in a non-Muslim society. While addressing at the occasion Special US envoy to Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Sada Cumber, said that this exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to ruin all misconceptions and give information how communities are built and settled and how Muslims are living in United States". "This event is a very important step to bridge gaps between both countries and to further strength relations", he said, adding that," Five million Muslims from eighty countries are living in different states of America". In his address, Jamal Shah,Visual Art Director of PNCA, lauded role of US Embassy for holding such informative exhibition. While addressing on the occasion Shanaz Hamad Director General of PNCA said," this exhibition gives positive image of Islam". Detroit has been home to Muslim communities for more than a century. Its first mosque was established in Highland Park in 1921.Today, large old, multilingual mosques can be found throughout Detroit's, and many of these congregations are building new mosques and schools whose grand proportions reflect confidence, and prosperity. Building Islam in Detroit examines aesthetic, institutional, and discursive frameworks that have shaped Muslims identities and space in Detroit. An interesting part of the exhibition was that all photographs were presented with detail description that makes easy for everyone to understand its message. "Whatever their native language might be, Muslims recite their daily prayer in Arabic, the language of the Quran" this is impressive message that assembled with one of Photograph. The exhibition showed that the Mosques are scared spaces and great care is given to maintaining their ritual purity. Long racks of shoes, special places for prayers, prayer beads, lecture halls, play grounds, Libraries, Parking lots, children play areas and media center along mosques presents beautiful image of mosques.