After my last two articles on 'Can Pakistan be governed? the next logical question would be, are our governments fit to govern ? I know this is a thorny issue, however being a citizen of Pakistan and a stakeholder in the country, I have a right to demand an answer and accountability and see if we can identify when and where the rot had started. Two weeks ago I had highlighted the terrible mess this country is in, due to five decades of bad governance, an ineffective, divided and disgraced judiciary, as it failed to dispense quick and effective justice, ineffective LEA and collapsed institutions and civic systems. At the same time, we have increasing street crime and load shedding, escalating prices, rampant corruption, spreading Talibanisation and suicide bombings and an economic meltdown. Cases of mass corruption and mismanagement, including the recent fiasco at the recruitment of primary teachers in Karachi and the leaking of exam papers, are a sad testimony of the scale of mismanagement and corruption prevailing in the country. And all these problems are because past and present governments have been simply too corrupt and incompetent to manage this confused and divided country with different visions. Our leaders and politicians have no clue as how to govern a country and a complacent and silent civil society, that is afraid to rock the boat or break their silence of the lambs. On the world stage, we are looked upon as a corrupt, illiterate, unruly, most dangerous nation, on the verge of collapse. According to SA experts from various institutions, we can not confront the Taliban challenge simply because the present government has no clue as to how to tackle the problem. Not very reassuring or flattering for a nuclear nation. The government is clutching at straws to keep it afloat, signing agreements and making promises it cannot keep nor has intention of keeping. It is hoping that the 'Friends of Pakistan will keep propping them up financially, by keeping their vaults full, so as to avoid a financial meltdown and meanwhile, hoping for a miracle. But the days of miracles have gone. The Taliban are a reality and will not simply disappear. One has to be blind or stupid not to see their true colors. They are a bunch of highly motivated force of cutthroats and extremists, who have no qualms to train suicide bombers to kill innocent citizens and slit the throats of those who oppose them. They have been taught from puberty, not to fear death, as they will be rewarded by a place in heaven. How did we reach this dangerous crossroad and what happened to the moderate, tolerant and progressive Pakistan of the Quaid? Mr. Roedad Khan, a former federal secretary and a retired senior bureaucrat of yesteryears, in his article, 'Who will save Pakistan? has written, 'Our rulers, both elected and un-elected, have derailed Jinnahs legacy and perverted his heritage. Sixty-two years after Mr Jinnah gave us a great country, little men mired in corruption captured political power and hijacked Pakistan. Today apathy is the real enemy. Silence is its accomplice. The eighty plus old bureaucrat joined the civil service of Pakistan in 1949 and has worked with two Prime Ministers, BB and NS and six Presidents, Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Z. A. Bhutto, Zia ul Haq, Ghulam Ishaq Khan and Farooq Leghari. In his article, he also states that 'Each one of them has directly or indirectly contributed to our generations anguish and sense of betrayal, our loss of confidence in our rulers, our country, our future, in our selves and the souring of the dream of Pakistan. Yet RK, like other senior bureaucrats and civil servants, was part of the government when the rot started and which they now all condemn. Instead of protesting and saying NO at that time, they continued to serve these tin pot leaders and some even helped them to stay in power. Now, it seems that in their twilight years, they wish to unburden themselves 'of the things that weigh upon their spirit, through writing in the newspapers or in talk shows on the TV channels. Why did they not protest four decades ago? If these senior citizens, who are all 'Honourable Men, had collectively taken a stand to stop this rot, then perhaps Pakistan would not have become the 'most dangerous country in the world. I leave the readers to judge that, but now we are paying for the sins of our fathers and stand to loose, not just another generation this time, but the entire country. Thanks to the misguided policies of our governments, Pakistan is no longer a sovereign, independent and united country, but a divided, splintered and fragmented state, with different visions and identities. It is adrift like a rudderless ship, caught in the eye of a storm without a compass or a captain. It is sad and tragic to see this happen to the second largest Muslim nation, the only one with nuclear capabilities, having the fifth largest army, which is considered to be the best in the world. It is sad and humiliating to see what we have done with the Quaids proud Pakistan, that is now being ridiculed on the world stage. As for good governance and enforcing the rule of law, as my friend, NS has suggested, 'Get rid of them all and we would do better, as there is no doubt that all governments, past and present, have failed to deliver. Therefore, it is time that for us, as citizens, to stand up and be counted and force the government to take effective action against the March of the Taliban and the violence in the cities. At a recent meeting at the residence of DHA, Ms. Khushbakht Shujat, a MQM MNA from Defence, Dr. Farooq Sattar, Dep. Convener, MQM and a former Mayor of Karachi, addressed a well attended meeting, in which he urged the 'educated and privileged residents of DHA to Save Pakistan and Say No Taliban and arm themselves, which I disagree to, as I feel 'violence begets violence. Despite all the 'gloom and doom talk, the charming and graceful Sheema Kirmani and her group gave an emphatic NO message to the Taliban and the violence and bloodshed in the city through their 'Dance of Mohendodaro at a packed Arts Council in Karachi and brought a ray of hope and joy to the city. But, more about Sheemas and the citizens 'NO, our 'fragile government, the two week deadline by the US and a Citizens Task Force for Good Governance, next week. Until then, take care and stay safe. E-mail: