I wish to draw the attention of Prime Minister and his Advisor on Finance towards plight of the old pensioners that retired prior to the revision of pay scales in 2001. Now, the new pensioners (ie those that retired after 2001) are drawing huge amounts like Rs 16000 to 20000/month while the old ones are simply drawing Rs 6000 to Rs 8000/month. The old pensioners are badly affected because of skyrocketing prices of essential commodities of daily use. It is most likely that the present government will announce an increase in the pensions and salaries of its employees in the forthcoming budget. I appeal to the Prime Minister that the pension rate should be doubled for the old pensioners as emoluments drawn by them are much less in comparison with the new pensioners. If the percent of rate remains equal and similar the benefits for both the categories would surely not be the same. -MUHAMMAD SAEED, Gujranwala, April 29.