We are limping and lagging leagues behind the caravan of civilization marching towards the destiny of prosperity. Hunger, horror, disease and confusion are chasing us and we are an easy prey. Mountain of debt and pyramids of population are rising in our face. All our haves and have-nots are on the brink of hell. Our political fixers and social engineers have failed badly in the face of mounting internal and external threats. Our national ideology and goals have obscured. Should we lose heart and let ourselves be on the mercy of circumstances or rise to the situation? The question is what should we do and where should we start from? Bureaucratic reforms, police reforms, land reforms and accountability reforms have all failed, disillusioning our people still further who think every reform is a new bottle for old wine. The experience of the world shows that nation states achieve peace, prosperity and stability through brain engineering done by quality education. Education creates the able cadres of men and women that run the state and society. That is from where we should begin. -SIDDIQUE SAQIB, Lahore, May 1.