For the last nine years, there has been no development worth the name in Balochistan nor has the government allocated any funds to cater for uplift of the Balochis. As far as Gwadar port is concerned, the residents of Balochistan have not benefited from it as yet, neither in jobs, nor in the gains related to the real estate development. Karachi is the most developed city of Pakistan, followed by Islamabad and Lahore. The priority should be to allocate funds for the most under developed parts of Pakistan by the federal government, namely for the province of Balochistan followed by Frontier. Yet on his return from Friends of Pakistan moot, the President's statement shows the least priority has been accorded to these two under-developed parts of Pakistan. If Rs 190 billion can be allocated for the most developed city of Pakistan, then at least Rs 380 billion should be allocated for Balochistan. -RASHID ORAKZAI, Quetta, via e-mail, April 21.