ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that President Asif Ali Zardari and Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) hatched a conspiracy to clip the judiciarys power through 18th Amendment but PTI will thwart all such designs against the judiciary. The PTI Chairman was addressing the national convention held here in connection with partys 14th founding day. On the occasion, PTI Chairman announced his partys restructuring and shadow cabinet. The shadow cabinet consists of one advisor and 11 spokespersons including Dr Shireen Mazari, Advisor on Foreign Affairs, Akbar Babar, Spokesperson for Political Affairs, Dr Fareed Malik, Spokesperson for Science and Technology, Firdous Naqvi, Spokesperson for Commerce and Industry, Admiral (Retd) Javed, Spokesperson for Defence, Munawar Basir, Spokesperson for, Najeeb Haroon, Spokesperson for, Sadaqat Abbasi, Spokesperson for Energy, Housing and Works, Shamsa Ali Advocate, Spokesperson for Education, Shahid Zia, Spokesperson for Women Development, Nazar Baloch, Spokesperson for Food and Agriculture and Dr Hamayun Spokesperson for Minerals and Health. Under the new organisational structure, the restructuring of the party is based on provincial constituency, which is further divided till the level of union council, and a ward would be the smallest unit in the organisational structure. Addressing on the occasion, Imran Khan said, PTI will stand by the judiciary and would foil all attempts which can weaken the judiciary. He said that there was no opposition in the national Assembly but PTI would play a role of real opposition. He said that no political force present in the Parliament could save masses from American slavery. He reiterated his stance that PTI was not against US and India but it was their policies, which persuaded the PTI to condemn them. He said, We have been fighting the US war on our soil and against our people and for that war, Pakistan has paid a huge price. Our people, Army and the police are rendering their lives for others war. Against the blood of the masses, rulers are getting $ 1.5 billion under Kerry-Lugar Act, he added. He said, We can not win ongoing war against terrorists unless we are an ally of the US. The rulers will not oppose America as their assets and money are in foreign states. He said the purpose of his struggle was not merely to change faces of politicians, but also to transform the system. He strongly criticised the incumbent Government for allowing the US to interfere in the countrys internal matters and urged the masses to demand of the Government to protect the countrys sovereignty. If Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif are true patriots, why dont they bring their money back from abroad? he asked. Revolution takes time, as Nelson Mandela struggled for 24 years and at last he succeeded to bring change, he said. He said, In our country, the poor are paying taxes but the rich including the rulers are tax evaders. PTI will bring revolution through the money of all such tax evaders, Imran said. He said responsibility lied with the youth to wage a struggle for getting their rights and to change the countrys appalling state. Imran said today the criminals were ruling the country and that was the reason of peoples suffering. Spokespersons of different departments also addressed on the occasion and express manifesto for their respective department. On the occasion PTI Secretary General Arif Alvi, Provincial Presidents including Ahsan Rashid (Punjab), Imran Ismail (Sindh), Asad Qaisar (NWFP), Qasim Khan Suri (Balochistan), Senior Vice President Hamid Khan and President PTI Women Wing Fozia Qasori also addressed. A province has been divided into regions on administrative basis, which is further divided into districts. The districts are then divided into provincial constituencies and at last come the union councils. Four provinces, Azad Jammu Kashmir, FATA and the Federal Capital have been divided into 19 administrative regions. Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have been divided into four, three, three and five administrative regions respectively. Addressing on the occasion, PTI's Advisor on Foreign Affairs Dr Shireen Mazari said a complete revision on the countrys foreign policy was the need of the hour. There was a need to have a dignified and nationalist policy rather than kowtowing to US diktat. Better ties with Iran and China would be beneficial for the country.