LAHORE - The World Asthma Day is celebrated on the first Tuesday of the month of May each year and this year it is being celebrated on May 3 (today). According to experts, there are over 75 million asthma patients in Pakistan and 5 out of every 100 persons in the country suffer from asthma. Around 57 percent asthma patients have no understanding of the treatment or basic knowledge about asthma and 30 percent asthma patients in Pakistan suffer from night-time symptoms of the disease on a regular basis. Followed by Karachi, Multan has the highest number of asthma cases. Almost 90 percent asthmatics in the country are not leading a normal life while 60 percent adult asthma patients in Pakistan go home early because of this condition. Around 300 million people worldwide have asthma. It is estimated that there may be an additional 100 million people with asthma by 2025. Over half of asthma cases are not well-controlled, leading to unnecessary symptoms and impact on quality of life. It is estimated that asthma accounts for about 1 in every 250 deaths worldwide, many of which are preventable. Asthma is a common chronic lung disease with two main causes: inflammation (swelling and excess mucus build-up in the airways) and airway constriction (tightening of the muscles surrounding the airways). Treating both causes of the disease is necessary for many patients to achieve optimal asthma control and help prevent symptoms. Two main types of medicines are used to treat and control asthma relievers and controllers - Inhalers are the best source of delivering Asthma medication: it directly reaches the airways. Relievers are medicines used on an 'as needed basis. They act quickly to open the airways and relieve the immediate symptoms of asthma caused by bronchodilation. Controllers are medicines taken daily on a long-term, regular basis to keep asthma under control mainly due to their anti-inflammatory effects. Remember, regular use of Controller inhalers is important and necessary for 'Total Asthma Control. Relievers just give an instant relief in an emergency and asthma attacks. Regular assessment of the level of asthma control is vital to ensure patients receive optimal treatment. Assessment of asthma control with validated questionnaire - Asthma Control Test is recommended by GINA - Global Initiative for Asthma. Some inhalers used for Asthma medication contain CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons). These inhalers are being phased out in Asia-Pacific region as part of a worldwide phase-out of products containing CFCs, including refrigerators, air conditioners, spray cans and inhalers for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The CFCs from these products have damaged the stratospheric ozone layer, which protects us from ultraviolet (UV) radiation that causes skin cancer and other serious environmental problems. To prevent further damage and phase out CFCs, 195 countries, including Pakistan, have signed an international agreement the Montreal Protocol. The new CFC-free inhalers use Hydrofluoroalkane (HFAs) as the propellant it is as safe and effective as the CFC-containing inhalers as well as providing additional benefits.