MILAN (Agencies) - Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on Monday hailed the killing of Osama bin Laden as a great outcome in the fight against evil. The world has been waiting for this news for 10 years, Berlusconi said. This is a great outcome in the fight against evil, in the fight against terrorism, a great outcome for the United States and for all democracies, he said. It is a great result against evil and a victory for all democracies, Berlusconi said speaking in Milan. But we must not drop our guard because there could be retaliatory attacks (by terrorists), Berlusconi added. Earlier in a statement, Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini described the Al-Qaeda leaders killing as a victory of good over evil. A victory made possible by the determination of the United States in pursuing the person responsible for the most tragic episode of the beginning of this century: September 11 and several other massacres, Frattini said.