LAHORE Private agents in and outside the Lahore Development Authority office are reportedly running all the affairs of the Authority as applicants have been compelled to hire services of these agents to get their grievances addressed, a survey conducted by The Nation has revealed. Dozens of applicants, who visit the office to get their issues regarding allocation of plots, change of property status or transfer of property resolved, complained that they had been visiting the office for a couple of years but failed to be relieved. They said that the officials were using delaying tactics and not unwilling to complete procedure of their pending cases, adding they wanted to be bribed but through their agents. They said that these agents were playing role of middlemen for settlement of their pending cases and files and no file was being forwarded by the officials without the approval of their agents. Most of the agents are not regular employee of LDA but relatives and friends of the officials, they added. The visitors further said that if an applicant failed to satisfy the agents with required money, he remained unsuccessful to get his problem resolved. They also said that by bypassing these agents, nobody could get his issue settled at any cost whether having good relations with LDA officers or approach to higher authorities, as these agents were very powerful and were being supported by the section heads. The Lahore Development Authority, as principal planning and development authority of the provincial capital, is striving hard to safeguard the ownership rights to the people in residential schemes and to ease the process of providing swift technological solutions is one of the primary goals of the LDA, officials said. On the other hand, an allocation branch deputy director while requesting anonymity claimed that the provision of dedicated services to safeguard the ownership rights to the people spoke the volumes for public-friendly endeavours being undertaken by the LDA. However, a spokesman of One Window Cell of the LDA claimed that in order to provide instant information and solution to the problems in one roof, the cells had been established. To eliminate chances of counterfeit and to reform the process of documentation of ownership; affective steps had been taken, he said. These actions have made the LDA, the first development authority in Pakistan, which has started provision of digital corporate services to common man. These services are a step towards elimination of all commission mafias and other such vices. If someone is owner of some property in any, scheme of the LDA, or if someone intends to purchase some property or is looking for solution to any issue, he needs not to to approach any employee of LDA or any property dealer, all his issue will be resolved by the Cell. He suggested the applicants to get date of completion of work after submitting application of their work in the Cell. They, he added, should come to the Cell on due date and receive their file from the respective counter after getting token and in case of any problem, the officer concerned was bound to meet the applicants personally to address their complaints.