While addressing a Regional Press Convention organised by APNS at Lahore, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani disclosed that he had obtained a PhD degree in journalism from Marmara University of Turkey and assured the audience that it was a genuine degree. His disclosure that his degree was a genuine one confirms that there are fake or bogus degrees holders also in his cabinet No one amongst the audience dared to ask him as to when he was a student at Marmara University and what the topic of his dissertation that he submitted was. Perhaps, he was awarded an honourary PhD degree like Mukhtaran Mai got from one of the American universities during her visit there after she narrated the harrowing tale of her gang rape. On the web site of Pakistangovenment, our celebrated home minister ( commonly known in public as Amrit Dhara of the government) is also shown as PhD in criminology.The third one isour former Law and Justice minister( commonly known in public as Sultan Rahi of PPP) is also PhD. I am sure very soon in the next foreign trip by our unanimously elected popular President will also get PhDin wheeling and dealing, most probably from Kabul University.Long live( Geo)highly qualified leadership of our country. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, May 1.