KARACHI - The Banking Mohtasib Pakistan (BMP) has said that the office of Banking Ombudsman, which was established under the Chapter IV of Banking Companies Ordinance (BOC) 1962, does not allow the Banking Mohtasib Pakistan to entertain the cases relating to grant/remission and recovery of loan cases, especially non-performing loans, says a press release. In a clarification issued by BMP pertaining to the news item appeared in The Nation on April 22, 2011 titled Probe into Slow Working of BMP Demanded, said the Banking Mohtasib is disposing of the cases of the complainants within a reasonable time. A Banking Mohtasib has the power and responsibility to entertain complaints from customers, borrowers, banks or from any concerned body or organisation under the Banking Companies Ordinance. The BMP also can facilitate the amicable resolution of complaints after giving hearings to the complaints and the concerned bank, it said.