LAHORE/ISLAMABAD The security agencies have been put on high alert following Osama bin Ladens killing fearing a possible backlash from militant outfits against the government institutions. Security of president, prime minister, federal ministers, diplomats, international staff and important buildings in the country has been intensified manifold. The Pakistan rangers, police and other security forces have been put on high alert besides intensifying armed patrolling around the leading private and public institutions especially the US offices and consulates. While talking to TheNation, SSP Islamabad Tahir Aalam Kahn said that additional force comprising elite commandos, rangers, frontier constabulary and personnel of special branch in plain clothes had been deployed on the security of countrys top office-bearers in the capital. The SSP said that coordination with the intelligence agencies had been increased reasonably. The information is being shared with and from all the corners to intercept and avoid any untoward incident. The important buildings including the president house, prime minister house, PTV, PTA, secretariat, ministers enclave and diplomatic enclave had been given additional security. The police have been put on high alert at all the entry and exit points, he said. Personnel of rangers, frontier corps are helping the Islamabad police while the army has also been asked to remain alert for countering any emergency situation. The SSP said an advisory of emergency had been issued to all hospitals in the capital. However, the rescue organisation and the fire brigades had been kept on high alert. The Islamabad territory had been declared red zone and close circuit cameras would monitor the movement of vehicles, the SSP added. Sources believed the intelligence input provided to the US forces by Pakistani intelligence agencies helped shoot down the top Al-Qaeda leader. Security experts also feared that the terror-hit Pakistan would be main target of Al-Qaeda and other terrorists as they would aggressiv ely fight back in revenge and target countrys security forces. OUR STAFF REPORTER FROM KARACHI ADDS: Security was beefed up around the newly-constructed US Consulate and other sensitive installation following the killing of Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden. Additional personnel of law enforcement agencies have been deployed and patrolling has been intensified around the US Consulate and other sensitive installations around the city when the news of Bin Ladens killing was on aired. Following the killing of Laden, Sindh IGP Fayyaz Ahmad Laghari directed the police to remain high alert. He ordered the CCPO to intensify the security of all importance government offices, foreign consulates, offices of intelligence agencies and crowded public places.