A pet dog called Chase lived up to his name when he ran after a rabbit - and plunged 200 feet off a sheer cliff. Incredibly, the border collie survived the fall with just a broken leg despite landing on a shingle beach at Rope Lake Head near Kimmeridge, Dorset. The black and white dog was being taken for a walk by owners Chris and Julie Roberts when the drama occurred. As the couple approached the cliff top, Chris, 52, went to put Chases lead on him. But the dog spotted a bunny and went after it, only to run straight over the edge and plunge 200ft to the bottom. It is thought six-year-old Chase survived because animals have a tendency to relax their bodies when they fall. The stricken dog enjoyed another stroke of luck as the tide was on its way out at the time otherwise he would have been at risk of drowning. An 11-strong coastguard team arrived on the scene but with no obvious way of reaching Chase, one brave officer abseiled down and placed him in a special sling before winching him back up to his relieved owners. The dog was taken to a vets clinic where he was treated for a broken front right leg and deep shock. He is due to be allowed home early next week. Chris, an engineer from Locks Heath, near Southampton, said: 'I cant believe he survived a 200-foot drop. 'The coastguard officer who abseiled down said afterwards that it was a sheer drop. I dont know how Chase is still alive - he is extremely lucky. MO Chris said: 'We were walking Chase in a field quite a way from the cliff. As we got a bit nearer I said to Julie that I had better put his lead on. Locator map showing Rope Lake Head near Kimmeridge in Dorset, where a dog survived running off a cliff. Just as I said that Chase ran off after a rabbit. I tried calling him but he didnt listen. Then he just disappeared from view. Of course we feared the worst but when I looked down over the edge I saw Chase sat up on the shingle beach and then lay down. There was no way of getting down to him so we called 999. We still didnt know at that stage if Chase was going to be okay. The waters edge was about 10 metres from him but we didnt know if the tide was coming in or going out. The guy who went down came over the radio to say Chase was wagging his tail and thats when we knew he was alright. Julie gave him a cuddle when he arrived back on the cliff and then we just took him to the nearest vets. Chase was treated at the Heathlands Veterinary Hospital in Wool. He is due to be taken to his local vets today where he will have surgery on his broken leg. John Braisher, a watch officer at Portland coastguard, said: 'The dog is very, very lucky to survive. We always try and remind dog owners to keep their pets on leads at all times when near the cliffs. MO