ISLAMABAD - The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) once again failed to meet the monthly tax collection target of Rs 151 billion in April, as they only collected Rs 126 billion, despite taking several revenue generation measures for the last quarter (April-June) of the ongoing fiscal year which included elimination of tax exemption and zero-rated facility for several sectors. The Rs 126b figure is provisional, as tax collection of far-flung areas are still to be finalised in next few days, which will reduce the shortfall of Rs 25b in April month, said an official of FBR. Additional Secy Revenue Division Asrar Rauf confirmed to TheNation that FBR has collected Rs 126b in April. The tax department has missed the monthly tax collection targets in last four consecutive months including April. According to the sources in FBR, the tax collection shortfall in third quarter (Jan-March) was around Rs 50 billion and the shortfall in April is sort of jolt for the beleaguered government. It is worth mentioning here that the government had fixed the revenue target at Rs1,667 billion in the budget for 2010-11. However, later it was revised to Rs 1604 billion, but the shortfall of Rs 50 billion in January-March period, the target was again downward revised and fixed at Rs1, 588 billion. The government took several steps to generate Rs 53 billion in the last quarter of the ongoing financial year in order to reach the revised tax target. However it seems a challenging target for the FBR to achieve under the current economic situation. The Revenue Advisory Council (RAC) other day in its meeting estimated that the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) would miss the twice-revised revenue collection target by over Rs 50 billion. Meanwhile, the Federal Board of Revenue has collected Rs 1146 billion in the first ten months (July-April) of the current financial year, which means that FBR has to collect Rs 442 billion in two months period, which is a challenging tax for the tax bosses.